Wilderness Survival May 11 - 13


Ah yes...fire!  As you can see in this photo, Tom Hanks is very happy to have achieved making a fire in his "Wilderness Survival" situation in the movie Cast Away.  Nothing is more critical in a survival situation than fire and a source of water.

On May 11th thru 13th Troop 1707 will be doing a Wilderness Survival event on private property of friends of the Hope family.  They have an 80 acre plot of land that is perfect for hosting this event north west of Clare, Michigan.  They have a creek that flows through the property that we can get water from, filter it and boil it.  There are lots of trees we can make shelters from.  

As always we will use the buddy system.  The Scouts will build their own shelters to sleep in and cook their own food that they bring with them on fires they make themselves.  There will be no communal kitchen or shelter areas.

Most scouts make their shelters from tarps and para cord or rope.  Be prepaired for all kinds of weather.  You will need to hike your own gear into camp.  I suggest a nice day pack.

-Shane Hope, Scoutmaster



TLT Campout April 20-22

Posted on Apr 24 2018 - 8:06pm

The day we got to camp we had our first PLC around our fire.  The next day we went over Troop positions, defining leadership, then team building games and a lot more.  Once we got done with the work we could play stuff like gaga ball and capture the flag with another Troop.  Overall it was fun, delicious and educational.  Respectfully submitted by Troop Scribe Aaron Uchida.

Want to see photos of Troop events?

Posted on Feb 12 2018 - 9:21pm

If you want to see photos of Troop events and your Scout having the time of his life, visit the "Photo Album Links" page to the left.  Most photos are posted within a few days of the event.

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